• Leadership Strategies for Your 21st Century Workforce

    The Power of Your Organization is in Your People. When harnessed properly, they unleash a tsunami of output. Manage them badly and they leave. Especially Millennials. Brad can show you the way.


  • "We did everything the “Millennial Experts” told us to do, yet 20 of our best Millennials left last Friday."

    Is it Millennials, or Your Management Model?

    Whether it’s Leadership Lessons for a New Workforce, Cross-Generational Management Strategies that work, or Better Hiring Practices, organizations rely on Brad to modernize their approach to People Management and Leadership Development to Dramatically Increase Output and ROI.


  • Are You Preparing The Next Generation for Leadership?

  • Discover The 7 Secrets to Using Gamification as a Management Tool.

    What if you could manage your cross-generational teams in the same way Gamers approach a Mission Quest? Want increased Productivity, Employee Engagement, and Team Success?

    This is the best program for your Team Leaders.

    *This is the program Brad developed for CrossKnowledge - An Integrated Digital Learning Solutions Company*



  • The challenge for managers these days is to lead your Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and soon to arrive, Generation Z, in a way that enables all generations to thrive.

    Brad shows your audience the secrets to managing a cross-generational workforce. Secrets he used to grow his own Dot Com agency 425% for 5-straight years, with only 6% turnover—leading his company to an IPO, and the Arthur Andersen Enterprise Award.

    *This is the program Brad created for The American Management Association.*



  • Discover the simple secrets to hiring better in the Digital Age.

    Time to get past the resume and into what makes people tick. Brad shares his own hiring secrets, along with examples from some of the hardest industries to staff.

    Discover the Secrets to Hiring Better, Getting People to Stay,
    and Prepare The Next Generation of Leaders.

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  • Ever wonder how HeadBlade, Dollar Shave Club and Harry's appeared out of nowhere? As a creative director for dozens of production companies, Brad has been involved in hundreds of brand launches in his 35+ years. 

    What makes one brand stand out, and another die?

    Let Brad show your Brand Ambassadors the way to win the minds and hearts of Millennial buyers.



  • “As host for Tony Robbins Business Mastery webinar series I have the pleasure to interview some incredibly talented and entertaining individuals from around the world.

    Brad was masterful in not only connecting generation gaps, but allowing the leaders of today to understand how to embrace and be excited about opening doors for tomorrows leaders. Understanding that leads to action is the mark of a powerful speaker and Brad accomplished it all.”

    Chad E. Cooper, MBA
    International Bestselling Author
    Robbins Research International, Inc.,
    a Tony Robbins Company

  • “Brad’s observations about generational behavioral styles and related values were enlightening and timely.

    ...the insurance industry is “graying” and we need to attract and retain more Generation X, Y and Millennials to remain vibrant and relevant to our customers. Armed with a better understanding of how these groups think and what motivates them, we are far more likely to be successful. [Brad's] observations and books are invaluable to that understanding."

    Mary Todd Peterson
    Former President & CEO of Medmarc Insurance

    Senior Advisor to the Chairman and CEO
    ProAssurance Corporation

  • “Hearing Brad speak and then reading his book blew my mind. Here I am thinking my way is better than theirs (the 20-somethings) and it’s a matter of time before they wake up, smell the coffee and get on my program… but what I didn’t realize is there’s been a paradigm shift like you wouldn’t believe and I’m the one who needs to wake up.

    Best presentation I’ve heard in ages… it literally changed the way I think.”

    Andrew Stein
    Founding Partner/Principal

    Vicus Partners

    Vistage Member