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Brad Szollose TEDX Speaker | Award-Winning Author | Talent & Development Facilitator


Tony Robbins Company“Brad Szollose gave an outstanding presentation to our Business Mastery Graduates. 

No one knows Millennials or cross-generational management better

than Brad,

…and it shows; our attendees are still talking about his work.”

Anthony Robbins

Robbins Research International, Inc.,

a Tony Robbins Company

Ben Gay III, Legendary Sales Trainer and colleague of Zig Zigler“Having worked with him in seminars, I can tell you that Brad Szollose is one of the most impressive seminar leaders/keynote speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to in 40+ years.
He ignites an audience with humor and his highly interactive programs. Even more importantly, he shares tactical ideas that work with this “next generation.”
Now I better understand the thinking of all of the younger people who surround Gigi and me at home, in social settings and in business!

Having worked with many of the speaking/selling/business legends of the era, I can tell you that Brad Szollose is really something!”

Ben Gay III
Executive Director
The National Association of Professional Salespeople
Author of The Closers 1, and The Closers 2
Mary Todd Peterson, CEO Medmarc“Dear Brad,
I am writing to thank you for your recent presentation at Medmarc’s annual broker meeting in Las Vegas. Your observations about generational behavioral styles and related values were enlightening and timely.
As you probably observed by looking at the meeting attendees, the insurance industry is “graying” and we need to attract and retain more Generation X, Y and Millennials to remain vibrant and relevant to our customers. Armed with a better understanding of how these groups think and what motivates them, we are far more likely to be successful.

Your observations and your book are invaluable to that understanding.

Thank you again for your contribution to our meeting…”
Mary Todd Peterson
President and CEO
Medmarc Insurance Group

Kent Gustavson, PhD. Author, Speaker, Educator, MusicianBrad Szollose surfs above the wave of five #generations in the new 21st century workplace. He has comprehensive knowledge of the Silents, Boomers, and Xers, and offers invaluable insight into the Millennial-Wikipedia Generation.
[Brad’s] insight on neuroprogramming differences between culturally disparate groups is second to none, and while his book is ingenious, futuristic, daring, and ahead of its time, the logic of his rhetoric and arguments will allow all digital immigrants to chew their cud, and to come out with digested concepts and a challenging but exciting vision of the new universe.”
Kent Gustavson, PhD
Author, Speaker, Educator, Musician.
“We Are Alive” TEDx Keynote Speaker

Andrew Stein - Principal at Vicus Partners“Hearing Brad speak and then reading his book blew my mind. Here I am thinking my way is better than theirs (the 20-somethings) and it’s a matter of time before they wake up, smell the coffee and get on my program… but what I didn’t realize is there’s been a paradigm shift like you wouldn’t believe and I’m the one who needs to wake up.

Best presentation I’ve heard in ages… it literally changed the way I think.”

Andrew Stein

Founding Partner/Principal

Vicus Partners
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…on Brad’s Coaching and Consulting.

Sumya Ojakli“Throughout my career in the world of corporate branding and business development I have maintained a very short list of A+ individuals I would work with to achieve top results and Brad is one of them.

His focused, creative mentality coupled with sharp business acumen puts him at the head of the line when it comes to building business and establishing strong core leadership in a company. He knows how to put the pieces into plan and build success.

Sumya Ojakli
Senior Director
Special Markets at Simon and Schuster

Tom "Too Tall" Cunningham“I thought I was becoming a crotchety old man before I saw Brad Szollose speak because I thought Gen Y people were crazy.

Now, with [Brad’s} coaching and help, I understand better how they think, and why they think and act the way they do. If you have to deal with Gen Y’ers in your work or home, Brad can help you get the best of their skills and talents and give you peace of mind.”

Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham
Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor
Check out Tom’s Interview with Brad Szollose!

Bruce Libman Founder of TNC“I feel compelled to communicate to you how beneficial [Brad’s] seminars have been for our members of Total Networking & Consulting. It has raised their individual awareness in Business Development.

The value that they have experienced from [Brad’s] coaching is invaluable.”

Bruce Libman
Founder of Total Networking & Marketing

Rachel Riebling, CPA“Brad opened our firm’s eyes to the difference in generational work styles. Having once thought it was a communication issue, we came to realize it was far deeper than that all thanks to Brad!
Since applying Brad’s principles, business has increased significantly as it helped get the executive team more comfortable with the idea of a digital office and more importantly the knowledge Brad shared with us helped the relationships in the office to flourish.

If you have multiple generations represented in your office and are looking to increase productivity, I would strongly recommend Brad Szollose!”

Rachel M. Riebling
Certified Public Bookkeeper & Accountant at Koorbis Bookkeeping

Listen to real people talking about what they’ve learned:

Rob Hirschfeld Senior Cloud Architect at Dell, Inc.
I like slow media that takes time to build and explain a point (aka books) and I have read plenty of business media that I think are important (Starfish & Spider, Peopleware, Coders At Work, Predictably Irrational) and fun to discuss; however, few have been as immediately practical as Brad Szollose’s Liquid Leadership.
On the surface,
Liquid Leadership is about helping Boomers work better with Digital Natives (netizens). Just below that surface, the book hits at the intersection of our brave new digital world and the workplace. Szollose’s insights are smart, well supported and relevant. Even better, I found that the deeper I penetrated into this ocean of insight, the more I got from it.

If you want to transform (or save) your company, read this book.

Dell, Inc.  
Rob Hirschfeld Dell, Inc, Principal Cloud Solutions Architect

Want to read more about Liquid Leadership from Rob? Click Here.

Vince Poscente — Olympian and Performance CoachBrad Szollose’s Liquid Leadership is enlightening! Managing in today’s environment is not about clinging to a cookbook of best practices, but about developing an environment that drives consistent innovation and change. Brad nails it!”
Age-of-SpeedVince Poscente
New York Times bestselling author
The Age of Speed

Bud Bilanich The Common Sense GuyDon’t Miss This Book!

Liquid Leadership is must reading for anyone who is or wants to be a leader. Times change, people change. These days we hear a lot about how Gen X and Millennials differ from Baby Boomers. Author Brad Szollose is a Baby Boomer who understands generational differences. But he also knows that there are some universal laws about leadership that cut across generations.
In “Liquid Leadership” Brad presents seven laws that all leaders should follow. 1) Place People First. 2) Cultivate an Environment That Is Free and Safe to Tell the Truth. 3) Nurture a Creative Culture. 4) Support Reinvention. 5) Lead by Example. 6) Take Responsibility. 7) Leave a Lasting Legacy.
In my opinion Brad’s advice applies to career success as much as it does to leadership success.

If you read but one leadership book in the next 12 months, make it “Liquid Leadership.”

It is an entirely new perspective on the major factors affecting business today. It will show you how to develop a fluid leadership style that is important in today’s highly competitive world.”
Bud Bilanich
Climbing The Corporate Ladder Known as “The Common Sense Guy”  and author of over 5 books on business career and life, including Climbing The Corporate Ladder.

Dave "The Shef" Sheffield - Recipes for SuccessLiquid Leadership is not only an informative book, it is destined to become a business manual for any company, large or small, that wants to thrive in any economy. Brad reminds us that it is not a leader’s job to tell people what not to do;

…it is a leader’s job to encourage people to do what they were created to do.

Dave Sheffield
Author of When Would NOW Be a Good Time?, and Blabvertising: The Art of Word of Mouth Advertising.

Steven S. Little - The Business Growth ExpertLiquid Leadership is both an entertaining read and easy-to-follow guidebook for any business leader trying to grow [his or her] business in the age of information.”
Steven S. Little

Author of Duck and (Re)Cover, The Milkshake Moment and The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth
Steven S. Little's Bestselling Books

Angel Tuccy Experience Pros RadioThank you so much for contributing to our show today. You’re a fun guest, with lots of great stories. We really enjoyed your interview.”
Angel Tuccy
Radio Host
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Bestselling author of Lists That Saved My Life and Lists That Saved My Business.

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