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  Creating High Performance Organizations that INCLUDE #Millennials

Want to Understand Today’s Tech Savvy Workforce?:

It’s Beyond Generation Y Millennials.

We’re here to help smart companies understand The 21st Century Workforce Culture…and bring the best from each Generation into your Workforce Culture.

Today’s leadership requires a new set of tools.

Why? Over the past 35 years, unbeknownst to most Baby Boomers, a new generation was trained in 21st Century business strategies… SINCE CHILDHOOD! Giving them the skill set to compete in the Digital Age. Three MAJOR influences have changed the behavior of anyone under 39 years of age, leaving us with a generational divide.
Time to awaken to the 21st Century. Whether it’s Managing People in today’s work environment, or Selling to Multitaskers, the Information Age requires a leader to be more. A leader who understands how to inspire the best in people. Managing, marketing, sales and mentorship has become more like Jazz.

Generational Misunderstanding
causes lower production, lost sales and low retention…and destroys any chance of a
future legacy!

Multigenerational Workforce
What if you had the tools, tactics and strategies to get people excited about working for your company? Or increase productivity by an average of 32%? What if you could energize your workforce at such a level that no one wants to leave?
More than just an award-winning business author, Web pioneer, former C-Level exec, business adviser and 
keynote speaker, Brad Szollose brings his 35 years of business expertise to your audience in a dynamic, transformational set of workshops and keynotes based on his international, bestselling book Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia,… giving your attendees the tools to be more productive in the Information Age.
Brad Szollose at StadiumWhether it’s an audience of 60 or 6,000, Brad has shared the stage with such notables as Bob Burg, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham, Dave Liniger of ReMax, Jim Palmer The Newsletter Guru and John Assaraff from The Secret.
Brad has also appeared with Dr. Joe Vitale, Gregg Levoy and Brent Harris in the movie Openings: The Search for Harry.
We strive to give you that illusive competitive advantage that no one else has. An edge that helps you communicate better, get people aligned, INCREASE productivity and diminish the resistance to change…which leads to retention and growth! And what about handing your company off to the Next Generation?
We can help you with that too.

ALL Keynotes and Workshops can be Customized for Your Company.

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Blue-Quote Testimonials

What are people saying after attending a Brad Szollose event?

Tony Robbins Company“Brad Szollose gave an outstanding presentation to our Business Mastery Graduates. 

No one knows Millennials or cross-generational management better

than Brad,

…and it shows; our attendees are still talking about his work.”

Anthony Robbins

Robbins Research International, Inc.,

a Tony Robbins Company

Ben Gay III, Legendary Sales Trainer and colleague of Zig Zigler“Having worked with him in seminars, I can tell you that Brad Szollose is one of the most impressive seminar leaders/keynote speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to in 40+ years. He ignites an audience with humor and his highly interactive programs. Even more importantly, he shares tactical ideas that work with this “next generation.” I now much better understand the thinking of all of the younger people who surround Gigi and me at home, in social settings and in business!

Having worked with many of the speaking/selling/business legends of the era, I can tell you that Brad Szollose is really something!”

Ben Gay III
Executive Director
The National Association of Professional Salespeople
Author of The Closers 1, and The Closers 2
Mary Todd Peterson, CEO Medmarc“Dear Brad,
I am writing to thank you for your recent presentation at Medmarc’s annual broker meeting in Las Vegas.  Your observations about generational behavioral styles and related values were enlightening and timely.
As you probably observed by looking at the meeting attendees, the insurance industry is “graying” and we need to attract and retain more Generation X, Y and Millennials to remain vibrant and relevant to our customers.  Armed with a better understanding of how these groups think and what motivates them, we are far more likely to be successful. 
Your observations and your book are invaluable to that understanding.
Thank you again for your contribution to our meeting…”
Mary Todd Peterson
President and CEO
Medmarc Insurance Group

Andrew Stein - Principal at Vicus Partners“Hearing Brad speak and then reading his book blew my mind. Here I am thinking my way is better than theirs (the 20-somethings) and it’s a matter of time before they wake up, smell the coffee and get on my program… but what I didn’t realize is there’s been a paradigm shift like you wouldn’t believe and I’m the one who needs to wake up.
Best presentation I’ve heard in ages… it literally changed the way I think.”
Andrew Stein

Founding Partner/Principal

Vicus Partners
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Make your next event Memorable with Brad’s most Popular Programs:

Multigenerational Workshops

Motivational Keynotes

Brand & Business Consulting

Diversity Keynotes

Keynote or Workshop

Bridging Generational Chaos: For Management & Human Resources

The 7 Secrets to Cracking The Millennial Code: Motivation, Retention, Increased Production…and Legacy in Today’s Collaborative Work Environment
Based on his international, bestselling book Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia, Brad Szollose brings to the platform the *award winning management model he developed to motivate, retain and engage a multigenerational workforce.
Laughter-of-crowdIn this high-content program with plenty of humor Brad explores the changes Digital Natives have thrust upon us — disrupting where we play, where we romance and where we pay.
Yet, despite all these changes, corporate leaders are still using 20th Century Management Methodologies on Information Age workers…and customers.
These methods no longer work because people have changed!!!
Brad will show your audience:
1. What changed the behavior and expectations of Today’s Digital Native
2. How One Management Standard can work with both Baby Boomers AND Generation Y
3. Increase The Voltage of your Work Environment in order to Ignite Innovation
4. Develop a Mentorship Program like no other
5. Build a Team Legacy atmosphere
How can you adapt a new style of leadership quickly and efficiently? Try some Liquid Leadership.


Keynote or Workshop

Legacy: Preparing Your Leadership

Using Mentorship, Training and Motivation to prepare The Next Generation for Management
How would you like an edge that helps you communicate better, get people aligned, and diminish the resistance to change? Are you prepared to hand your company off to the Next Generation of Leaders? Brad will show you the keys to help you communicate better and hand your company off to the next generation of leadership.


Keynote or Workshop

Disruption: How Great Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

How to Turn Collaboration and Flattened Hierarchy into a High-Voltage Work Environment of Innovation
For 100 years of the Industrial Age, workers on the assembly-line were expected to do one task at a time. But today, SPEED to market is the driving force behind The Information Age. What model works best to bring out the most creative ideas, implement them and get ’em to market as fast as possible? Brad shows you how to do it.

Keynote or Workshop

Bridging Generational Chaos: For Sales & Marketing Pros

How Do You Sell & Market to People Who HATE to Be Sold To?
How do you sell to a tech-savvy customer raised on Video Games, The Internet and Augmented Reality Apps built into their Smartphones? Or better yet, how do you craft a sales campaign to a generation that is impatient with traditional media? In other words: How do you Sell to a Moving Target ?
Brad will show your audience:
1. How to Spot the Generational Divide and Customize Your Sales Pitch Accordingly
2. Understand The Key Behavioral Patterns of Gen Y Adults, and customize a campaign that initiates conversion
3. How Word of Mouth AdvertisingBlabvertising — can Ignite your Sales
4. Why Generation Y may not know your product exists
5. How to elevate your message beyond waste-of-time Social Media
Many of best sales methods, such as Sandler, only seem to work on one generation and not the other. WHY you may ask? Because Baby Boomers were raised to sit down, be quiet and listen. Think, THEN make a decision. This applies to all media Baby Boomers enjoy: Television is a sit down and be quiet medium.
BUT, anyone born after 1977 no longer acts like that. They have been BOMBARDED with sales message after sales message since childhood. To them, your sales message is nothing but background noise.  Want to learn how to adapt a new style of behavioral based sales training?

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Interested in Brad presenting to your organization?

  Make your next event memorable!


Keynote or Workshop

The Gen Y Guide to Managing Baby Boomers

How to Empower Your Workforce Regardless of Age
As we move forward into the 21st Century more and more Millennials WILL BE stepping into management and leadership roles. Eventually, if you are in your 20s or 30s, your entire staff will be 20,  30 or even 40 years older than you. HOW can you gain respect AND motivate a generation raised on obeying rules? We’ll show you the way.

Liquid-Leadership-BOOKBulk Orders of Brad’s award-winning, international bestseller Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia are available for each of your attendees.

Please feel free to contact us directly for bulk rates.
Brad can also provide an autograph session for your attendees.