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Would you like to learn the Tools, Tactics and Strategies to Go Faster in The Information Age?

The greatest secret in ANY profession is coaching. Name any business celebrity you admire, or athletes that continue to have a speaking career AFTER they retire from sports, or the small business owner that keeps having one success after another, and they will tell you their hidden secret: they have a Business Coach.
BUT, did you know that most executive coaches, authors and experts in business have NEVER owned a business? They will even tell you so in the pages of their books.
Brad Szollose is one of the elite few who is not only an experienced entrepreneur, but he has owned over 8 businesses, one of which he took public on NASDAQ raising over $7 million, with 60+ employees and offices worldwide. In other words, Brad knows firsthand what it is like to grow a business from a simple idea in a coffee shop, with no start-up capital, and build it into a worldwide brand with over 60 employees, offices worldwide and a valuation of $26 million.

Our exceptional coaching programs give you the latest in Behavioral Training for sales, business structure and tactics, a simple, easy to read business plan, and introductions to the right people in Brad’s extensive networkall at an affordable price.

Our typical coaching client is a small-business owner, entrepreneur or aspiring leader who wants to shed-off old thinking, face their Poverty Consciousness head-on and expand their business to another level.
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Blue-Quote Testimonials

Bruce Libman Founder of Total Networking & Marketing“I feel compelled to communicate to you how beneficial [Brad’s] seminars have been for our members of Total Networking & Consulting. It has raised their individual awareness in Business Development.
The value that they have experienced from [Brad’s] coaching is invaluable.”
Bruce Libman
Founder of Total Networking & Marketing

Sumya Ojakli“Throughout my career in the world of corporate branding and business development I have maintained a very short list of A+ individuals I would work with to achieve top results and Brad is one of them.

His focused, creative mentality coupled with sharp business acumen puts him at the head of the line when it comes to building business and establishing strong core leadership in a company. He knows how to put the pieces into plan and build success.

Sumya Ojakli
Senior Director
Special Markets at Simon and Schuster

Rachel Riebling, CPA“Brad opened our firm’s eyes to the difference in generational work styles. Having once thought it was a communication issue, we came to realize it was far deeper than that all thanks to Brad!
Since applying Brad’s principles, business has increased significantly as it helped get the executive team more comfortable with the idea of a digital office and more importantly the knowledge Brad shared with us helped the relationships in the office to flourish.

If you have multiple generations represented in your office and are looking to increase productivity, I would strongly recommend Brad Szollose!”

Rachel M. Riebling
Certified Public Bookkeeper & Accountant at Koorbis Bookkeeping