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Former C-Level Exec of a Public Company

Business Adviser

Millennial Expert

Award-Winning Business Author

The Short Story

Brad Szollose is a global business adviser, former C-Level Executive of a public company, Web pioneer, Generation Y Millennial expert and keynote speaker who helps smart companies — like Dell and Master Card — understand how much technology has transformed corporate culture and behavior…especially the behavior of Generation Y, and how that impacts management, interaction and expectations in today’s Information Age.
But this is not based on management theory:
With a 35 year career as an entrepreneur Brad knows firsthand what it’s like to grow a company from a simple idea in a coffee shop to an internationally recognized brand.
K2 Design LogoMr. Szollose is a former C-Level Dot Com Executive who went from entrepreneur to IPO in 3 yrs—co-founding K2 Design, the very first Dot Com Agency to go public on NASDAQ. His company experienced 425% hyper-growth for 5 straight years, expanded from 2 business partners to 4 with 60+ employees and offices worldwide. At its height, K2 was valuated at over $26 million. 

His results only management model (ROWE) was applied to the first wave of young Generation Y workers producing great results—winning K2 the Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Practices in Fostering Innovation.
Brad’s keynotes and workshops are highly interactive, heart-warming, humorous and thought provoking… and filled with high-content information that challenge assumptions and help leaders and managers create a better work environment for innovation to thrive.
Brad  is the *award-winning author of the international bestseller Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia which explores the subject of new leadership styles — mainly how to get the tech-savvy Generation Y and analog driven Baby Boomers working together.
Axiom Business Book Awards Silver MedalLiquid Leadership has been called “THE guidebook for the 21st Century” and has won the 2011 Axiom Business Book Award silver medal for leadership, The Indie Business Book runner up silver medal as well as becoming a #1 Best-Selling Business Book on Amazon for Organizational Learning. Published in the United States by Greenleaf Book Group, in India by Prolibris and in South Korea by UI Books/Iljinsa Publishing.
Brad also writes a monthly column on business and marketing techniques that reach Generation Y for A Captured Mind newsletter and is part of The Mind Capture Group faculty. Today, Brad helps businesses close the Generational Divide by understanding it as a Cultural Divide – created by the new tech-savvy worker…and customer.

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Blue-Quote Testimonial

Vince Poscente - Olympian and Performance CoachBrad Szollose’s Liquid Leadership is enlightening! Managing in today’s environment is not about clinging to a cookbook of best practices, but about developing an environment that drives consistent innovation and change. Brad nails it!”
Age-of-SpeedVince Poscente
New York Times bestselling author
The Age of Speed

Claim to Fame:

Co-Founded the first Internet Agency to go Public IPO
Market Valuation: $26 Million
First ROWE Management Model won The Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Business Practices in Fostering Innovation… (psst…the award was for managing Generation Y!)

Wrote an Award-winning, International Bestseller about it all

Award-winning, business author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia

Obsessed With:

Measuring how technology changes Human Behavior
Quantum Physics in daily application
The perfect cup of coffee
A good laugh


Mixed Martial Artist – Modern Kempo Jujitsu
Painting & pencil drawing 
A GOOD movie

Career Highlight:

Received a standing ovation after his keynote speech, at the inaugural Think & Grow Rich Summit 2013

Super Power:

Christopher Walken impersonation

Achievements & Awards:

Number 1 Bestseller on Amazon. Dec, 2011

Business Book Awards

Axiom Business Book Awards Silver Medal2011 Axiom Business Book Awards silver medal winner for Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia in the leadership category.
Indie Award Finalist Silver Medal2011 Indie Book Awards Finalist silver medal for Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia in the leadership category.

Distinguished Alumnus Award

2009 Lebanon School District Distinguished Alumnus Award.
Brad Szollose wins Distinguished Alumnus Award at LHSBrad Szollose’s Alma Mater Lebanon Senior High in Lebanon, PA, awarded him the Distinguished Alumnus Award plaque for his Internet pioneering work during the Dot Com Boom of the mid-90s.

The Long Story

Brad Szollose started his first business in 1979 at the age of 16 (don’t be impressed. He started a business because his father made it almost impossible to ask for money). Ironically, that was the same year Brad won his first design award for a state-wide catalog cover design competition. Having an extensive art program at Lebanon High School in Pennsylvania helped fuel his decision to become a graphic designer instead of a professional drummer.
Brad Szollose LHS-Drumline
Brad attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with honors in illustration, graphic design and advertising with a degree in Visual Communications.
After graduation in 1984, Brad moved to New York City and quickly became a noted multimedia designer, freelancing for such companies as The Caribiner Group, Roger Wade Productions and Drury Design Dynamics, producers of corporate theater and related promotional and entertainment events.
During his tenure at these companies, Brad worked on the national and international sales meetings for the following corporations: American Express, BMW, Banco Popular, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bozell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ethicon, Ford Motor Cars & Lincoln Mercury, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Merck, Mobile, Novartis, Pfizer, Rhône Poulenc Rhorer, Novartis, Seagram’s, Self Magazine, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Sunoco, Tahitian Noni, Vintner’s, WavePhore and Xerox.
Corporate Meeting

In this capacity, Brad managed a team of designers, photographers and programmers in the production of full-scale, big-budget national sales meetings. With a track record in traditional design and the technical mastery of 70-millimeter film, Brad developed a reputation for creating never-before-executed special effects.

Continued on next column…

After almost 10 years as a professional designer and creative director in corporate events and sales meetings, Brad wanted to try something new.
One year after a treacherous mountain climbing adventure with college friend and fellow creative director Douglas Cleek, Brad and Doug founded K2 Design, Inc. By 1994 they decided to transition K2 into new territory turning their company into an Internet Development and Interactive Advertising Agency. Both Doug and Brad envisioned a full-service, totally creative, interactive studio that specialized in building brand awareness and 1:1 relationships over the Internet. Little did they know that the Dot Com boom was about to begin and K2 was positioned to ride the wave.
With Brad and Doug helping to drive the award-winning creative, they added Wharton graduate David Centner as CEO and Matthew de Ganon as chairman. K2 expanded from 16 employees to a workforce of over 60. This hyper-growth positioned K2 as an industry leader, along side such companies as, DoubleClick and Razorfish. K2 went public in 1996 with an IPO on NASDAQ, raising over $6 million in public monies and over $1 million in private placement.
Brad became a Board Member, as well as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Creative Officer for K2′s public and investor image.
K2 was the agency and web developer of record for: IBM Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov Chess Challenge (one of the first live events to use the Internet), AOL PrimeHost, Waterhouse Securities, Chase CD ROM Hybrid annual report, IBM, Public Theater, Rent touring website, Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk live cast party, Audi Netrider site, Toys R Us etc…
Day to day, he managed a team of Generation X & Y employees raised on the Internet, laptops and video games – and developed a way to manage their multitasking and creative nature. Brad’s management model won K2 the Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Practices for Fostering Innovation Among Employees.
Brad Szollose Liquid+Leadership-CoverBrad’s award-winning management model — a mash-up of styles he learned from managing large-scale corporate events — can be found in the pages of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia.
Eventually and due in part to 95-hour work weeks for 5 years straight, Brad stepped down from his C-Suite executive position in 1998 to pursue other business ventures. He remained active on K2’s board of directors until the year 2000.
Since then, Brad has advised entrepreneurs, executives and businesses alike on moving their organizations into the Information Age. Projects have included product launches, leadership training, emerging technology consulting, migrating an automated business model to the Web, Generation Y Management and Performance, technological comprehension and executive coaching.
With over 35 years as an entrepreneur, owning everything from single proprietorships to a publicly traded company, to sitting on the board of directors, Brad is one of the few business authors and advisers with experience in both entrepreneurial start ups to executive board level management and strategy.
Whether it’s an audience of 60 or 6,000, Brad has shared the stage with such notables as Bob Burg, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham, Dave Liniger of ReMax, Jim Palmer The Newsletter Guru and John Assaraff from The Secret.
Brad has appeared with Dr. Joe Vitale, Gregg Levoy and Brent Harris in the movie Openings: The Search for Harrya 2011 film that combines documentary-style interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics, consciousness and our ability to create a better world.
Mr. Szollose holds a First Degree Black Belt in the Mixed Martial Art of Modern Kemp Jujitsu. A sport he is passionate about and brings to the stage. Ironic since he was sickly as a child almost losing his hearing to ear infections.
Brad’s keynotes, workshops and motivational talks give people the tools to awaken to the changes of the 21st Century.